Can I use the themes featured on this site if I’m using Windows XP?

Yes, if you want to use the themes on your Windows XP operating system then you can download our XP theme patcher by Clicking Here. Once you have the theme patcher installed you will be able to use the themes. There may be some elements of the theme that are not available to XP users, but most of the features will work fine.

I can’t install the theme patcher. I keep getting the error that my operation system is not compatible?

The theme patcher is for Windows XP SP2 users only. If you already have Windows Vista on your computer then you don’t need the patcher to install the themes. If you are using Windows XP SP3 then Click Here to download the theme patcher version SP3. Once you unzip the file, run the .exe file. Press the Patch button, and wait a few seconds for it to patch. Then restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

How do I change my Vista theme?

• go to your desktop. Right click on any blank area
• click on “personalize”
• a dialogue box will come up. Choose “theme”
• a dialog box appears with the title “theme settings”
• under “theme”, you have a small box with a drop down menu. If you click on the arrow, Windows Vista gives you four choices: current theme, Windows Vista, Windows Classic and browse. Click on “browse” and find the theme you haved saved to your computer

For a more detailed explanation Click Here.

How do you change my Vista wallpaper?

• go to any blank spot on your desktop and right-click
• choose “Personalize”
• choose the Desktop Background option
• you now have a box that says “choose your desktop background”
• if you’d like to have your own personal pictures as your wallpaper, simply click on “browse” and windows will take you to your pictures folder. Choose which one you like, click and Vista does the rest!

For a more detailed explanation Click Here.

How do I change my Vista icons?

• right click on your desktop and select “personalize”
• then select “change desktop icons”
• then select the particular icon you want to change
• click on the “change icon” button. It will open a dialogue box entitled “chance icon.” This lists the available icons in an executable or icon file. You can also browse in the folder of icons you have downloaded

For a more detailed explanation Click Here.

How do I change my Vista screensaver?

• go to desktop and right click
• select “personalize” and then click on “screen saver”
• dialog box “screen saver settings” appears
• click on pull down arrow and select “photos”
• if you saved your pictures in “My Pictures”, click on “settings” and there will be a section in the box where it says “browse”
• when you’ve chosen the photo, click save, and then click OK

For a more detailed explanation Click Here.


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